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WhatsApp users were recently warned that scammers are increasingly targeting them, stealing their money and even their Identity (ID) without their knowledge. It is well known that criminals would target frequently used platforms and services in order to maximize the impact of their attacks. This is one of the reasons that Microsoft Windows, the most widely used desktop operating system in the world, has the most viruses and malware of any operating system. The most frequently used encrypted messaging app, WhatsApp, is becoming an increasingly important target for attackers as its popularity grows around the world, researchers say.Free Fire Download for PC 

a consumer is tricked into submitting personal financial information to a bogus website or app. WhatsApp users are being targeted by a growing number of scams and bogus links, according to researchers at security firm Kaspersky.

Modus operandi: The report shows how WhatsApp users are targeted. The security firm noted in its Q2 2021 Spam and Phishing report that basic tactics are being used to trick customers into parting with their money. This can include enticing them with the promise of a reward. Some scammers even trick users into believing that they have won a large amount of money, but only if they send them money first. Another form of this scam involves fraudsters offering users the opportunity to « bid » on stranded items that could not be delivered to the intended recipient; while consumers pay for these, they never get the actual product, even if

The crooks developed a fake website that would allow visitors to connect with « beautiful strangers », but instead redirects them to a fake Facebook login page, according to Kaspersky. The crooks also send people fake emails with links to WhatsApp ‘voicemail’ that download malware to their PC or phone.KineMaster for PC 

How WhatsApp Users Can Protect Themselves:
To stay safe, WhatsApp users should pay attention to any links they receive on their phones, and they should only open attachments or click on links from trusted sources . Ludo King for PC

What WhatsApp Users Should Never Do: The most essential thing to remember is that there aren’t any free lunches, so if something sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. Users should beware of such fraudulent tactics while using their smartphones in order to stay safe. Entering their email and password into a random app or providing bank details to an unknown website is a recipe for disaster, and users should be wary of these scam tactics when using their smartphones in order to stay safe.

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