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Again, as the organizer you can keep it open for a longer посмотреть еще shorter period than specified here, but this hoq your students know how much time to budget for this meeting. If your class is a lin, one, suggest to students who do not have a camera that they identify themselves when speaking. Asynchronous Learning When thinking about moving your class online, one choice to consider is which activities or assignments require you and your class to meet together synchronous learningand how much can students do on their own at different times asynchronous learning.


– How to link a zoom meeting in canvas – none:

Don’t use your Personal Meeting ID for meetings. Enable additional data center regions for this meeting: This option is not critical to normal Zoom meeting functionality.


How to link a zoom meeting in canvas – none:.Teaching Remotely with Zoom: FAQ and Instructions


Zoom should now appear in your Course Navigation menu. Your first time using Zoom, you will be asked to Authorize. Click Authorize and Zoom should find your account based on your fhda email. You can now schedule meetings by clicking the Schedule A New Meeting button. These meetings will be for your class only, and registered students will be able to access your scheduled meetings. Scheduled meetings will appear when students click on Zoom in your course navigation.

They will also appear in the student To Do list and in your course calendar. If you previously used the Appointment feature in ConferZoom, please see the Scheduling Zoom Appointments video on the right. Select Settings. Add a Zoom meeting to your appointment.

Click the three horizontal dots in the upper right area of the window and select Get Add-Ins. Search for Zoom in the search bar and select Zoom for Outlook. Log in with SSO. Type fhda-edu for the domain, then entire your MyPortal credentials when prompted. Zoom should now appear in your New Meeting windows. Customize the specifics of your scheduled meeting: Topic : By default, the meeting name will match the course ID. You can change it by entering a new meeting name.

Participant Video : Turn On or Off off by default. Host Video : Turn On or Off on by default. This will turn on the host video if applicable upon joining the meeting. This will allow participants to join the meeting before the host arrives NOTE: enabling the Waiting Room will prevent participants from joining the meeting without action from the host. NOTE: when enabling the Waiting Room, the ability for participants to join before host will not be permitted.

Passcode : By default, a passcode is automatically generated and set for this meeting type. However, those participants who attempt to join the meeting without the passcode protected link in Canvas will be asked to use a passcode in order to join. To set the date, click the arrows at the top of the calendar to select the month, and then click on the day to select the day of your scheduled Zoom meeting. To set the time of the meeting, click on the small Clock icon on the calendar.

Fill out the fields to select the meeting settings. Click Save at the bottom of the form to save your settings. Delete a Meeting The instructor or creator of the meeting can use these steps to delete a Zoom meeting created from Canvas. Click the Delete button next to the meeting to be deleted. Click OK in the pop-up dialog to confirm that the meeting is to be deleted. Loading Comments Email Required Name Required Website. This is really to prevent anyone from getting unwanted messages during the meeting.

When meetings are not administered with the recommended settings above, it is possible for malicious actors to automate guessing meeting IDs, and join random meetings with the intention of disrupting the meeting nicknamed « Zoom-bombing ». Zoom was criticized for collecting information about users’ meetings videos, transcripts and shared notes for advertising, and for sending de-identified analytics data to Facebook.

Zoom updated their privacy policy March 29, , and no longer uses tracking software in the mobile app. They have removed the ability to use video and other user content for targeted advertising and other business purposes, and removed legacy code that send analytics data to Facebook.

However, it is common for enterprise tools to decrypt data internal to the system in order to facilitate key features such as bandwidth scaling. This level of encryption has been vetted through ODU’s security review process and has been approved for use in ODU’s academic and business setting.

The Zoom client converts Windows networking UNC paths into a clickable link in chat messages, which can be used to collect credentials, if another meeting participant clicks on the link. However, when you follow the meeting recommendations above,the likelihood that a malicious actor will participate in a meeting and provide a text with a crafted UNC path is very low. Zoom released a fix for the UNC link issue on April 1, and has dedicated all development efforts to privacy and security concerns.

Zoom is identifying and addressing vulnerabilites with each new software release. Update your personal device to the latest version of Zoom at zoom.

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